THRIVE! Theme Song Annotated

One of the key healing techniques I have known across my lifetime is writing a song. I do that to help me handle crises, to grow through touch times AND to celebrate life too. I sing this song pretty much daily to remind me how to stay in the mindset and reality of Love, True Happiness, and thriving instead of just surviving.

THRIVE: Overcome Any Challenge

You can overcome any challenge when you want to. Creating your life your way is a choice you make.

If your world does not look like you say you want it to then pay attention to the thoughts you are actually thinking AND the feelings you are actually experiencing most of the time. Those thoughts and feelings form the requests you are broadcasting to the Universe and therefore the desires being fulfilled.

Ah, you need to know how to recognize the messages from the Universe that guide you toward your desired reality. Those messages come at you every day almost non-stop. Until you learn how to look for them you miss them and you stay stuck in your everyday life.
The Universe always gives you what you ask for. That is why the Bible says, “Ask and ye shall receive.”

Kale Chips: Good Eating

Kale chips – yummy eats. You are a Divine spirit living in a human body that has nutritional needs. Kale supplies many healthy vitamins and minerals. Kale chips are a tasty delightful way to enjoy good and good for you eating. remember to Like and Share for fun

Your True Self

Your True self is hidden deep within. You are not who you think you are. You are not who others think you are.
Discover who you can be, what you can do and what you can have ONLY when you know who you are and why you are here.

THRIVE in Body, Mind and Spirit

You are a Divine Spirit living a human experience in a body with physical and emotional needs coming from your mind. As a holistic being you must consider your wholeness and connections that make up you. To thrive in life you must include your body, mind and spirit. Focusing on only one or two prevents […]

Heart: How Healthy Is Yours?

Someone in the US has a heart attack every 40 seconds. More men and women die from heart attacks and stroke than all cancers combined. The cause of heart issues often, far too often, go undetected. The source of heart issues lie in an inter-play  across all areas of life: physical, emotional, relationships, finances, happiness, […]