About Ali

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People call me The Queen of Overcoming.

Each day I step into my new life after two Traumatic Brain Injuries altered my functioning and changed how I live my life in each moment.

Every day, all day long, I make a conscious choice to Thrive! Don’t Just Survive.

Would it be easier to sit back and wish and hope for things to change? Great excuse for not participating in life. Could I give up hope because the doctor said I will not heal the paralysis in major organs making simple daily tasks like walking,running, balancing while erect without falling over, speaking, swallowing,,and digesting food a conscious focused effort?

What if I told you that, despite the severe limitations that became my reality, I discovered true happiness, the kind that leaves me feeling high – for no apparent reason. What would you think?

Looking from the outside you might wonder how that can be true.

I want you to know that happiness is a choice. Anger, frustration, sadness – all of those feelings are also choices.

I speak from the deepest place in my heart when I say happiness is a life style NOT an event. Regardless of the awful things that will happen in your life (the inevitable things like injuries, illness, separation and death – to name a few) when you live in happiness you handle it and then you bounce back.

Imagine being unable to speak, swallow or walk and still feel ecstatic. Can you do it? I can. I did. I do it every day. And that is why I continue to heal and grow and, most importantly, change lives.

Together you and I eliminate the entire history of the patterns that keep you stuck – the programs deep in your subconscious mind that you cannot possibly access with your conscious mind. Then I install new programs to safeguard you against self sabotage.

Your brain/mind, your family and your friends do not want you to change.They want you to change back – and so, without the new programs in place, you self sabotage and recreate those limiting belief systems and your usual ho hum life.

The thing is, you cannot get what you want in life until you start from the place of living in happiness. Be happy first to create success all across your life.

Decades of research at leading universities validate that fact.

I love what I do. I cause smiles to blossom as I show others how to THRIVE! Don’t Just Survive.