Broadcast Interviews

Many journalists and podcasters have interviewed Ali about how to thrive in relationships, as well as kinesiology, the body-mind connection and related subjects. Here are some of the audio files of the interviews.


January Jones, host of the popular Success Stories Radio Show


In this interview, Ali shares her personal story and how she healed from two Traumatic Brain Injuries despite the sentencing from doctors, :This is as good as it gets. Learn to live with it.” She explains why getting angry or feeling self pity is a waste of  of your precious life moments and gives some practical advice on how to move your life form where it is now to one where you THRIVE!–thrive-dont-just-survivewith-ali-bierman


Dr. Marissa Pei, known as the Asian Oprah, on NBC affiliate KAAA, UBN Radio and YouTube

This one is available in both podcast and video. For my visual readers, I thought I would take advantage of this very special interview with Dr. Marissa Pei, known as the Asian Oprah. Just a little embarrassed to share that I did not know the camera kept rolling during the break. You will see why.

In this interview Dr. Marissa Pei told viewers Ali receives “The BEneficial Presence on the Planet AWard.”
Listen to discover

The first four steps of Ali’s Formula To Be Instantly Happy

  • The difference between spirituality and religion
  • Why anger fails to serve you
  • What True Happiness is
    And much more


Artist First Radio – A very lively interview

THRIVE! Don’t Just Survive. It’s a choice you make in each minute. This is your life. Choose to win it.


Jennings Wire: The World of Success

This podcast is presented by Annie Jennings

Podcast:THRIVE! Don’t Just Survive

In this interview Ali gives you a quick happiness fix and a potent dose of inspiration including

  • How can you keep going when everything looks hopeless, when you’ve been written off, when everybody has given up on you?
  • What do you mean when you say, “you can heal despite appearances?”And more…

Click the logo to listen:

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LA Talk Radio: On The Couch with Dr. Michelle

Award winning radio and TV therapist, Dr. Michelle Cohen, PhD.,  talks with Ali about her book, Romance Killers: Top 7 Mistakes That Doom Relationships. Are you wondering why your relationships don’t always work out, and why you have had “bad relationships” in the past?; How can you clarify who your ideal partner is? What steps must you take in order to feel loved and happier in general? How can you change your past, present and future instantly?


Dr. Michelle interviews relationship therapist, kinesiology expert and author, Ali Bierman, about how to have a happier life, finding healthier relationships, and how to find our “True Self.” Learn how Ali has overcome her physical issues and become inspired by her words.



BlogTalk Radio: Color Your Life Happy with Dr. Flora Brown, PhD

(podcast available on iTunes)

Separation: The Source of All Struggle part 1

Dr. Brown talks with Ali about how to live in happiness. She says you must discover and love your True Self – who you were at birth before caretakers and society implanted programs into your subconscious mind creating the false self of the ego world where separation from the Divine and each other leads to suffering of all kinds



Separation: The Source of All Struggle part 2



The Cause of All Suffering

Krystalya Marie, Energy Healing on Talk Radio

(podcast available on iTunes)

What is the cause of all suffering? What are relationship disconnects? And how does all this relate to you and your health and well being?