Checklist For Accurate Thinking

Positive thinking leaves you no better off than does Negative thinking. Only Accurate thinking changes your life. Follow these tips to create the habit of Accurate Thinking and watch your world brighten and flow more easily and happily.

  1. Notice when you feel sad, down, frustrated, angry – any way other than happy.
  1. Stop that habitual thought pattern immediately. Determine what story you were telling yourself – what was your Commentator (the Little Voice in your head) telling you about the situation and how you should feel? Now you know what you do not want.
  1. Think the thought you DO want to feel and live now. Replace the thought that fails to serve you with one that moves your life forward.
  1. Look at the situation that put you in the bad/sad mood and see the truth of the circumstance. Define the actual event taking place without assigning meaning to it. As Sergeant Friday used to say on Dragnet, “Just the facts.”
  1. Choose a new way to evaluate the current circumstance. Open yourself to new possibilities for your interpretation.
  1. Take a new action. Move in a different direction. Assign a new meaning to the situation OR let go of the situation if it really has no bearing on where you are or what you need now.
  1. You cannot experience two opposing emotions simultaneously. When you feel good you can no longer feel bad. It’s a choice. YOUR choice – not your friend’s, not your partner’s not your boss’s, not the government’s.

In each moment you choose how to run your head and live your life.