Choose Success

Many years ago I realized that throughout my entire life the way to leap forward in any area was to have someone tell me, “You can’t do that.” So finally, after “doing” all those “thats” I put a note on my office armoire reading, “If I think I can’t then I must.”

If you look at my life from the outside you might think the things I accomplish are sometimes extraordinary. For me, life is about playing full out without limitations. So even when the Universe throws some nasty curves I listen for the “how-to get it done anyway” messages – and I do mean any way.

Sometimes the end does not resemble the picture I originally had in mind. That does not matter because in the big picture I do and share to assist you and others in moving forward in life. Taking action is far more powerful – being an example – then talking about it.

I challenge you to take on today’s Take Action Tuesday and share with us your task. And, if you have not done so already, grab your bonus, How to Survive Whatever Life Throws at You, and follow the routine daily to turn around your life regardless of the obstacles on your path to thriving instead of just survive.

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