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Ali Bierman’s Album of Inspiration

Take in the messages and let them do their magic.


Each card is hand painted to order. The design is consistent but no two
cards are ever alike.You can count on giving a unique gift to that special someone in your

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Front: Welcome rainy days
Inside: They bring rainbows and flowersto the world

Front: It’s okay to be happy
Inside: Laughter is the soundof angels

delighting is your being

Front: We all need a seeing eyefriend

Inside: When you lose sight of who you are leta friend be your mirror.

She will reflect the

beauty that eludes your vision.

Front: Enclosed please find sunshinefor gray days

and dark nights

Inside: Our unique truth and happiness can only be found within.So look not into another’s eyes

for answers but into your own heart.

Front: Perfect love is a two way street
Inside: Unconditional love is a duality For it must be both given and received

Front: Celebrate You
Inside: Treasure your essence. It is what makes you the uniqueperson that you are. It defines

everything that is special about


Recognize your worth.

Savor your individuality.

Front: People are complex

Inside: Embrace your many parts for eachis a necessary


of the jewel

that is your soul

Front: It’s okay to cry
Inside: Tears are cleansing.

They wash away the smog that clouds the soul.

Front: It is okay to question
Inside: A lifetime of lessons got us where we are today.Now it is time to question

the teachings that worked

in our childhood but may be

inappropriate for adult life.

Change is necessary for growth.

Front: Treasure every moment of your child’s youthfor it lasts

but a fleeting moment

Inside: Baby

crying nursing sleeping


cooing smiling standing

In the heart of things (and people)

delighting doing learning


questioning unnerving stretching


Children grow up too fast

Front: May you never stop growing

Inside: When you let go of excess baggageyou become free

to take on new experiences

Front: Life is filledwith mystery

Inside: Even our darkest hour is followed by the sunshineof a new day