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book coverTHRIVE! Don’t Just Survive, by Best Selling author, Ali Bierman, inspires, encourages and motivates people to create a new life following a life-changing trauma. It details a journey through pain, fear, determination and courage allowing others to do the same.

The book both inspires and moves people to take action despite overwhelming circumstances, and is designed to tackle the emotional underpinnings that block healing. It also provides practical solutions to physically re-gain health and stamina. THRIVE! Don’t Just Survive moves people out of hopelessness and despair and into free choice, enabling a new way of being in their altered mind/body. It inspires people to embrace life once again following trauma, regardless of limitations, and serves as a support guide for caretakers and loved ones.


Addressing such topics as a new acceptance of what is, discovering new possibilities, distinguishing between what you can and cannot control, why and how to shift your perspective, and what it takes to move forward in a new direction, THRIVE! Don’t Just Survive offers a powerful, step-by-step guide to forward motion, self-celebration.


Care providers, coaches, therapists, inspirational speakers, artists, ministers, medical professionals and entrepreneurs have embraced and endorsed this project. Rave reviews include, “Through her compassionate heart, Ali shares with you her journey to “Thrive.” Her unselfishness leaves you with many gifts to “Thrive” in your own life.” Cindy Williams, Founder of Teaching Hands and “I highly recommend this book to anyone that needs inspiration and tools to break free from your own limitations so that you can achieve success in any area of your life.” Heather Picken, Best Selling author and business coach.


While working as a psychotherapist in a residential crisis care facility, the author was attacked and suffered a Traumatic Brain Injury that left her retired on medical disability. Left with very poor functioning and the words, “This is as good as it gets. Learn to live it”, she chose to create her own paradigm, to heal, and then to help others do the same. Again, in 2011, surgery to remove a brain tumor caused her second TBI leaving her unable to speak, swallow or walk. Again she chose to heal. Others urged her to share her story, and she felt compelled to let people know that healing is not about being how you were; it is about accepting who you are now and moving forward every day.


To replace tears of hopelessness and despair with smiles of joy and accomplishment, to empower people in their own healing, and to spread awareness of invisible injuries and disease, this book will change the lives of millions and enrich the world for everyone through compassion, empowerment, education and understanding.