Press Release – Book Launch


Book Launch May 2, 2014, THRIVE! Don’t Just Survive by Local Author

Boise, Idaho – March, 23, 2014 – Multiple times Best Selling Author, Ali Bierman, launches her latest book, THRIVE! Don’t Just Survive. Known as the Queen of Overcoming, Ms. Bierman shares her personal story detailing her journey as she re-invents herself following two Traumatic Brain Injuries (TBIs).

Told, “ Learn to live with it. This is as good as it gets,” Ms. Bierman chooses to create a new life in her altered body with impaired functioning. Her conscious decision to heal, as well as the steps she takes every day to take responsibility in creating her new life, both inspire and offer practical steps to take to live full out.

Healing is not about returning to the life you once knew. Healing means accepting your life as it is now and doing whatever it takes to move forward from there. Step–by–step, learning how to talk, to swallow, to walk and run, allows her to step into the adventures of her new life experience..

You do not have to survive a TBI to benefit from reading this book or hearing her speak and sing. Ms. Bierman shares how her limitations prove to be blessings showing her possibilities and talents she did not know she has.

Her bold goals to speak and sing that night motivate her to live her dreams and take others along with her to reach their own goals. Targeting people who lost hope because someone told them they could not heal, are not smart enough or pretty enough or talented enough to do what they desire, she shows you how to instantly turn “I can’t!” into “I can.”

A best selling author ten times over, Ms. Bierman now focuses on publishing the sixty plus books she wrote, beginning at the age of eight, and shared privately.

This launch is unique in that Ms. Bierman will sing the song of the same title as well as the song she wrote to get her through the first TBI in addition to reading an excerpt from her book. This fun event will include give-aways and challenges to get people into action.

Ali Bierman
thrivewithali [at] gmail [dot] com
Ph: 208-639-1558