Sample Book Reviews

“Every obstacle on Ali’s path has only given her more opportunity to grow, to serve, to help, and to love.”

I have know Ali Bierman for many years, and everything she writes about the steps of her journey is absolutely authentic and true, as she is authentic and true. Much of the rapid healing and symptom disappearance she describes may seem unlikely or even preposterous to some, but it is just as she describes.
Everyone sees life differently; Ali’s life is rooted in the famous words of St Paul; “and thus abides these three, faith, hope and love, and the greatest of these is love”.
Ali’s faith is her certainty that the Universe is perfect and always works for the good of each and everyone of us, her hope and determination are both strong and her love extends to each and every person whom she can reach in any fashion, through words, videos, songs poems, books, and touch, and energy work, prayer and meditation.
Every obstacle on Ali’s path has only given her more opportunity to grow, to serve, to help, and to love. Hers is a remarkable story and has many more chapters and achievements to come. I look forward to learning about them.
Penelope C. Beattie


“What an inspiration!”

Even with numerous challenges placed in her path, Ali faces them with courage and determination. Not content with just living, Ali shares her story of surviving and thriving. What a blessing.”
Donna Foster, entrepreneur


“Read Ali’s inspirational story.”

Through her compassionate heart Ali shares with you her journey to “Thrive.” Her unselfishness leaves you with many gifts to “Thrive” in your own life.
Cindy Williams Teaching Hands


“Ali’s story is the perfect example of how anyone can overcome challenges and break free from their own limitations that life can bring.”

I highly recommend this book to anyone that needs inspiration and tools to break free from your own limitations so that you can achieve success in any area of your life.”

– Heather Picken, best selling author and business coach
“Insider Secrets To A CEO’s Mindset.”