The Worst Thing You Do To Yourself

This one activity causes more damage in your life – robbing you of your health, success, and happiness – and you do not even know you are doing it!
Today’s Take Action Tuesday challenge can awaken you to what you do that hurts you. ah, but it doesn’t leave you hanging. The solution sis very simple.

Watch now. THEN take action because nothing changes until YOU do.

Expectations Lead To Disappointment And Heartbreak

“If he really loves me, he’ll change.” How many times have you heard a woman in a new romantic relationship utter those words? With that sentiment she creates an expectation that this new person in her life wants to and will change a part of who he is to become (or at least appear to […]

When Expectations Lead To Happiness

Expectations, outcomes you desire when thinking about some future event, sometimes lead you into a place of joy and success. Other times expectations bring you disappointment and despair. How you experience life depends on the scenario you choose to visualize – and probably hope to realize in life. Free-will allows you to live in happiness […]