How Dreams Come True

What is your dream for your life? I bet you have more than one. This simple method puts you on course to make them real.

Focused Goals at PMQ of 100 MUST Succeed

When you create a goal, and it has a Personal Meaning Quotient (PMQ) of 100 then you MUST achieve it because NOTHING can stop you. This example, from my own life, illustrates exactly what I mean,

While searching for a new place to live in the Eastern United States, the Universe led me on a very very interesting lesson in goal success. This one totally makes a difference in whether or not you reach any goal in life.

Here is what happened.

Tell us what goal you will DEFINITELY achieve this week.

Targets: How To Break Through To Your Goals

A runner does not stop running when crossing the finish line. A tennis player does not halt her swing after contacting the ball.

To reach your goals in life, regardless of personal professional or spiritual, follow through. How? Take immediate, consistent, and persistent action that moves you toward and then beyond what you now hold in your site.
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