inspirational art

Targets: How To Break Through To Your Goals

A runner does not stop running when crossing the finish line. A tennis player does not halt her swing after contacting the ball.

To reach your goals in life, regardless of personal professional or spiritual, follow through. How? Take immediate, consistent, and persistent action that moves you toward and then beyond what you now hold in your site.
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CALM – Subliminal Painting

CALM is a painting created to promote CALM, peace, wonder, love and to support the imagination in realizing one’s BIG dreams.
Didn’t quite get in ALL the subliminal images embedded in this work. When I talk about the deep long path for hikers – you can see two hikers on the path. And you will likely notice the heart and also the cat with the dangling tail. Tell me what YOU see in the work. Oh yeah – it looks even more peacefull and awe-inspiring in person.
Want to buy it? YOu can bid on it. 100% of the proceeds go to HART Inspired – an organization dedicated to Preventing Teen Suicide.

Inspirational Greeting Cards

  Welcome to Ali Bierman’s Album of Inspiration Take in the messages and let them do their magic.   Each card is hand painted to order. The design is consistent but no two cards are ever alike.You can count on giving a unique gift to that special someone in your life. Keep one copy for […]