How To Be Happy Now

ali-smile biggerSo you want to know how to smile more?

I used to envy people who smile most the time. I kept looking for the books to teach me how to do that too. No matter how much I read about it nothing caused me to smile more. So I know how you feel.

One thing you can say about me – I persist until I succeed. And succeed I did. I discovered what to do to smile more.

Are you ready to learn the secret? Here you go…

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!. Sit or stand straight and tall. Your lungs need room to expand so you can take in air to revitalize you. Your breath is your life force. You may notice that depressed people tend to look down and sit and stand hunched over.

2. Smile. Raise the corners of your mouth. No, not using your fingers! Use your mouth muscles and just smile. You actually use fewer muscles and less energy to smile than to frown.

The difference between a genuine smile and phony smile measures 1/8″ – AND how different you feel.

3. Say to yourself, aloud or in your head, “I am choosing to feel happy now.” Repeat those words for at least 10 seconds while continuing to smile. Say the words exactly as written. Those words go directly into your subconscious mind where all changes happen for your life. Your continued smile reinforces the switch your body and mind are making into a happy feeling.

4. While repeating that message find a happy memory from your past – a moment that left you feeling good, happy, and at peace. Usually I tell you never go back into your past. Now I am recommending that you do exactly that – looking for something that feels really good as opposed to your usual habit of looking for pain and hurt in your past.

5. Re-live that moment. See, hear, smell, taste, and touch what you experienced during that happy time. Make it real. Your subconscious mind cannot tell the difference between what is real and what you imagine. While you re-live all those happy sensations your body will release all the happy chemicals and neuropeptides it did originally. You will feel happy all over again.

6. Notice how you feel. Happiness is your birthright. Your thoughts create your life. Choose happy thoughts to turn any unhappy or boring situation into something to smile about.

7. Create the habit of happiness. Watch the video to discover why and how happiness matters at or
HINT: Happy people are healthier, live longer, have more satisfying relationships and more successful careers.

How do you create a new habit? You do the same activity every day, as often as you think of it each day, for at least 28 consecutive days. If, on day 27, you forget to do a Happy Share then you need to start all over agin at Day 1.

The above process only takes a few minutes. You can turn around a crummy situation by doing those 7 steps.

Plus here is another tip I have been doing for many years that takes the habit of happiness a step further.

When an event or circumstance happens that throws me off-kilter I immediately list 10 things for which I am grateful and happy right then. You can say things like, “I am happy and grateful my vision is clear now.” “I am happy and grateful the weather is mild, and sunny – perfect for a walk.” “I am happy and grateful I can walk easily and comfortably.” Anything at all that leaves you feeling better.

The very cool thing is when you speak your happy and gratitude statements, when you speak or write a Happy Share, the Universe takes note. Remember that whatever you focus on expands in your world. So as you move into a happy space more of the time you will discover more and more moments for which to be happy

Nice, the way life works, yes?

You lived your life with the habit of not smiling much. Now you can create the habit of effortlessly smiling often. You will be ever so glad you did. Your whole world will change. Mine sure did and continues to do so every day!

Yes, it really is that simple.

Just do it!

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