Change The World: Start Now 2

Yes, you are one person. And YOU have the power to change the world. The thing is you gotta start now. Find out how then share your action below. You may spark an idea for someone that drives the change in a bigger way faster!

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2 thoughts on “Change The World: Start Now

  • Dennis Hoffman

    Yes I do know what you’re talking about and i angry with you and yes i do help people out and I’m hoping that they would join and help other out. Am I right I say yes.

    • Ali Bierman Post author

      Yes, Dennis. It is nice to think that when we help others they will feel inspired to do the same. However, that would create an agenda for us in doing whatever good deed we perform. What if, instead, people simply did for others and that was all there was to it? Whether or not they then go on to do kindnesses is really irrelevant.