How to THRIVE in 2017 2

Finally – we are into a new year. What does that mean for you?

For so many people this is a time for making New Year’s resolutions – most of which will fall away before the end of January.

And how about those goals everyone tells you to set? You know how I feel about writing goals, yes?

So what is this post about all about?

Are you planning to THRIVE in 2017? Or will you continue down your ho hum path without sparkle or dreams of finally living your life the way you WANT to live it?

Watch the video. Take action as described and step boldly into your new bright life.

Remember, if all you do is watch and listen but never take action your life will repeat like a broken record and you will continue to plod along just making it through each day.

YOU get to choose between a great life and a fine existence. Do you want to live or merely exist?
Watch NOW and then tell us your plan. Oh yes, do share so your friends can also step out of oblivion into joy.

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2 thoughts on “How to THRIVE in 2017

  • Peni

    Ali, dear,
    Soooooo glad to see you videoing again. Missed them. So that is one of the 10 things I am grateful for.
    You sound so much better and your buoyant self. Had the intense busy Christmas that involves having the entire family in Northern Virginia; successful and bonding as usual,and a “thing of beauty and a joy forever”, or so I believe. My daughters have forged this; it absolutely a Beattie thing; this fostering of a clan ideal. It can really extend as the sister of one of Valerie’s daughters friends ended up staying with a Beattie relative while she was doing a 9 week rotation in Pharmacy in Philadelphia. Another gratitude moment. Hospitality. Love and joy and health to you and yours for 2017. You are a gift that keeps giving. Love to all

    • Ali Bierman Post author

      Thank you for sharing your many events for which you feel grateful. The more you notice the more the Universe showers upon you. I wish you continued love, joy and success in this new year of opportunity and adventure.