Everything Happens Perfectly 2

There are no accidents in life – none. everything happens to support our highest good. Yes, even the extremely awful horrible things that sometimes happen are, in the big picture, support our best possible life.
Details in this video. Remember to share your own experience in a comment below.

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2 thoughts on “Everything Happens Perfectly

  • Peni

    One of your gifts is to be a natural teacher and interpreter of life for others. Your life is a model of positivity and faith in the ultimate validity and value of each of our journey’s.

    Thank you for not yielding.

    Mich love

    • Ali Bierman Post author

      Thank you for your thoughtful words, Peni. What I know is that if I ever thought about giving up then I may as well not live on this plane any longer. I have important wisdom share. The Universe uses me to channel through all these teachings. I know each obstacle allows me to delve deeper into places I never consciously wanted to go.
      Learning to allow rather than trying to control is the biggest lesson, IMHO.