Setbacks? Are You Sure? 4

The other day I was telling my friend I have been offline due to some health issues relating to the nerve damage for which I can I usually compensate. She said she was sorry about my setback.
It is not a setback. Watch the video to discover why, even though it seems I lost what I had re-gained the last three plus years, in reality there was no setback at all.

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4 thoughts on “Setbacks? Are You Sure?

  • Dennis Hoffman

    Well I hope you will take care of yourself when ask you if you would like to come over and watch Saturday night live or have supper with me. I know what you’re going through I’m like that person that can’t sit still I need to be doing something we are here and we will support you take care.

    • Ali Bierman Post author

      Thanks, Dennis. I am taking care of me. It doesn’t feel exciting to be very quiet when there is so very much I want to do. However, if I fail to be at 100% I cannot do a great job of anything. And when I do anything I do it the best I can.

  • Penny

    Keep writing and recording, Ali, and treat yourself as well as you do others. Peni

    • Ali Bierman Post author

      Thanks for the reminder, Peni. The Universe is very clear about making sure to stop me if I put others ahead of me. After all, my goal is to be here for others and I can only do that by being the best me I can be.