Make Your BEST Decisions with Ease 2

Every day you make choices. Everything is a choice. Some choices are more difficult to make than others.

How do you know which choice to make when you’re faced with needing to decide between two possibilities?

Do you use particular criteria? Do you make a pros and cons list for each choice? Do you ask other  what they do in this situation? Do you go back through your files in your mind looking for evidence that you made a similar choice in the past? And if you find such evidence do you choose to make that similar choice now or do you look for new possibilities?

Discover the easy peasy way to make the very best decisions. Then tell us about your very excellent life decision below.

How did he know which car was his out of sooooooo many hills of snow? After three hours of clearing away snow – victory!snow-covered car

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2 thoughts on “Make Your BEST Decisions with Ease

  • Dennis Hoffman

    Hi Ali I make decisions all the time I do listen to the universe when I don’t I paid for in more ways than one. I love the snow I was born back east in PA this was normal at that time I remember in the backseat of my dads car going down the road with snow so high the it blocked the sun out but we answer kids fun playing in it.

    • Ali Bierman Post author

      Thanks for sharing your fun times, Dennis. Yup! I had a great time growing up with lots of snow. I remember when the snow plows piled it up so high it was like little mountains just right for sledding.