Monday Morning at 9 AM 2

No. Those are not song lyrics. Something happens Monday mornings at 9 AM that alters lives and changes the balance and dynamic of family life forever.
Watch the video to prevent the devastation that may lie in your future – or the future of someone you care about.

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2 thoughts on “Monday Morning at 9 AM

  • Dennis Hoffman

    Thank you Ali I did not know that that makes a lot of sense yes thank you for that well all the jobs I did I tried to make fun for me and everyone around me. My best friend passed away on Monday back in the 70’s it was around 9 o’clock.

    • Ali Bierman Post author

      Oh goodness, Dennis. How dramatic. I heard other similar stories but never knew anyone personally who witnessed that fact. I know you enjoy what you do and that is what keeps you healthy and lets your life flow. Keep it up.
      No matter what you do in life – do it with Gusto – or at least with JOY.